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I buy, sell, and trade vintage trumpets, cornets, and other brass and wind instruments as they become available. Some of my satisfied customers include players from the Chicago Symphony and Boston Pops orchestras. More and more, players seem to be discovering the joy of playing and owning some of these wonderful vintage instruments. The workmanship, detailing, and tone can be astounding.



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I strive for accuracy in the descriptions of each horn I sell, and all horns are shipped securely packaged, fully insured and sent promptly. If you are someone who just discovered "Uncle Harry's" old horn in the attic, well then, you are just the kind of person I would like to hear from! I work entirely from my home in South Florida where I also work as a trumpet player. I enjoy hearing from anyone with a question, comment, or just to say hello, I always have time to "talk trumpet", however I am not a free appraisal service so please don't e-mail me asking what your horn is worth; I can provide this service however.







Here are some shots of some of the horns in my collection. To see all the photos and all the horns pick the appropriate horn from the "my collection" area above. Lots of horns to see!


A Few Of The Horns In My Collection


Bach NY #1387 14 1929


An all original 1929 NY Bach. It had some small tears in the leadpipe but rather than replace it I opted to keep it all original by adding 2 small patches to it. This horn plays great.







Besson Brevete Circa 1908

A recent acquisition this wondeful Bb trumpet manufactured by F. Besson Paris. These are among the finest trumpets ever produced and they were the standard for all other manufacturers; Bach, Benge, King, Olds, you name it they all copied these early Bessons. This is a superb playing horn, it seems to possess all qualities of sound, dark, some edge, focused yet resonant. It's no wonder they were the first choice of trumpet players for decades. Notice the Jordan Marsh Co. inscription on the bell, a little research taught me that this department store chain was already in existence in the 19th century! This Brevete from 1908 is without flaw and it seems to never to endured any major tauma although the person I got it from says it was re-silvered. It even included what I think may well be the original mouthpiece. This horn is a special one in my collection thank you Kathy!





W.C.Handy and his Conn 2B!

Conn 2B Gold Plated Bb Trumpet

Another late 20's gold plated 2B Conn This one plays a bit darker and more open than the one above but I like them both, these 2B's are one of the best designs Coinn ever produced in my opinion. Check out the great engravings.





Rare French Besson "Fabrication" Bb Trumpet Circa 1935

This French Besson trumpet was made sometime in the mid 30's probably and rather then me bore you with opinion I will post what I learned from noted authority Niles Eldredge: "Two concerns were importing Besson trumpets to NY in the 1930s---- both without the Besson name, as it was ilegal to import Bessons from France then (because the English branch kept anglophone export rights when they bought out the French family in 1895-1896).Both said only "Fabrication Francaise Perfectionée"; Later, there was the diamond Meha stamp added. One was the Leisch boys (Oscar, predominantly)--- who brought in what would have been a normal "Grands Prix" trumpet (i.e. with the medals), --set up with third slide tuning--with the throw ring below and the stop rod on top; this is the ax that Bach copied (but with the ring on top--the stop rod on the bottom) (Besson thought you shouldn't have your left hand in contact with the bell--so they set it up lower).The other was Joseph Rapuano--who brought in a model we have never seen for sale in Europe--but which is a throw back to their earliest days (I have a 1888 "Rapuano): long third valve slide, no tuning; first valve tuning (again underneath--). "...........Thanks to Niles.. This one is a Rapuano that I was able to restore recently. .445 bore but surprisingly free and powerful.





I am trying to decide how, or even if, to refinish this horn ; it looks kind of nice like this what do you think?

Rare French Besson "Brevete" Bb Trumpet Circa 1935

 The standard by which all other trumpets are judged is the orignal French Besson trumpet. Bach, Benge, Schilke, Olds, Conn, King, etc; they all studied and tried to copy the designs of these great old horns. Besson had a few different models; the "Fabrication" , the "Meha" (named after one of the Besson family daughters) , and the "Brevete", (which actually just means patented), like the one pictured here from my collection is a .464" bore. Information on these old pre-Boosey & Hawkes (pre- WW II) Bessons is hard to come by, but, noted vintage brass expert and master technician Robb Stewart told me this; "The large bore (.468") MEHA didn't appear until after WWII. The Rapuana versions are usually medium bore, but this one (a pre- WWII Meha he has) is ML (.460"). I don't believe that there was a .464" bore." Anything Robb tells me I take as fact, he is the man, along with Niles Elderedge who has compiled the best Besson dating chart I know of. The Benge MLP, long a favorite of lead players, is a direct copy of these old Besson "Brevettes." A truly sensational trumpet to play.



Very Rare Conn "Rosebrook" Bb Trumpet Circa 1923

This is the only Conn trumpet from this time period that I have ever seen with the forward facing 2nd valve crook and hanging 3rd valve slide ring. Both of these features are specific to the old French Bessons; perhaps Conn was copying them? I have never seen this horn listed in any of the old Conn catalogs either. If anyone has any information I'd love to hear about it. This is a .458 bore finished in satin and burnished gold.





Conn 28B #227163

Heavily gold plated, totally hand burnished, beautifully engraved, and a player to boot ! This may be the favorite trumpet in my collection. I obtained it in nearly mint condition with all the Conn accessories and case; rotary tuning slide to A, cornet shank, cleaning rod, mouthpiece, and lyre all gold plated. The extreme bore is actually like that of a small trombone (.485) but it plays focused and not at all "too big". The sound is velvety, dark, and wide. It sold for around $189 in 1927 ($2003.40 in todays economy, ..thanks Alan Rouse!!) This particular one however was made around 1925. In that same year a brand new Model T Ford Touring Model (the bottom of the line) had a "from- the- factory" price of $290, I find this fact somewhat remarkable.

Notice the house on a lake with birds flying!




Olds Super Recording circa 1949

F.E. Olds made great horns and this Super Recording is one of my all time favorite playing horns regardless of make or vintage. Easy response, a nice full sound, and an easy upper register are all desireable characteristics. When I was given this horn to try at his shop some 10 years ago by my dear late friend Tom Lytle (a former Conn employee and master repairman RIP) I was playing a light-weight Bach. I left the shop that day with this Olds under my arm and the Bach was left hanging on a peg for sale on consignment as part of the deal. This was my first collectible trumpet, and at the time, I wasn't in to collecting yet. I purchased it for it for what I considered to be it's sublime playing characteristics. I played this horn exclusively for some 8 years.


Olds # 1498 LLM Bore

The detailing and overall quality of these vintage F.E. Olds brasses is evident in every aspect of the horn. Note the "airplane wing sturt" brace, elaborate stop rod assembly (stainless steel heavy rod with threaded,knurled, brass cap nuts), and fancy curved water key.






Ruhlmann 7 Keyed Bugle, Rudelstadt, c. 1830




My Dear Old Friend and Mentor, the Great McKinley (Kenny-Kinny) Dorham RIP

This shot was taken at a memorial benefit for my dear old friend Tony Castellano when he passed suddenly from a stroke.